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Will your brand new car be disabled overnight by a rodent? The occurrence is far more common than you may realize.

Since 1999, Rataway has saved customers over 20 million in damage and we ship all over the world with lots of repeat business.

Spray Rataway Fragrance often and save wiring in Cars, Trucks, Farm Machinery, homes, heating & air conditioning systems...the list is long

From A Repeat Customer In Florida

"Two years ago, Aug. 2018, my 2015 Mini Cooper was totaled due to a rat chewing the biofilm-made harness wires. Damage was estimated @ more than $18K. I was incredibly, amazingly fortunate to have had an excellent insurance company who took care of the situation. Now I regularly spray my 2015 Prius with Rataway! Great product. Thank you. 11-26-20"
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After having our car rewired after parking the weekend at a theme park in Orlando, i researched and found Rataway. Hsve used it with the waterproof additive ever since. Aksi on our AC lines outside our home and our rooftop satellite dish after we found the squirrels had chewed the plastic coverings. Soy is used in plastics now and the rodents can smell it. We spray our car and the plastics outside.

Barbara Novak
Repeat Customer
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