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The perfect companion to Rataway Fragrance!

Odorawaynow is an odorless industrial strength odor eliminator. It is NOT A MASKING SPRAY! It neutralizes odor causing molecules in the air, on surfaces, on fabrics and more.

  • Our 1 oz bottle makes 32 oz. of odor eliminator Spray 

  • Two of our 1 oz bottles makes 64 oz. of odor eliminator Spray

  • Use everywhere residual odors cause problems, especially where invasive rodents have left their calling card

  • Spray for skunks, rat, mice, dog, cat, bathroom musty rooms, inside cars, trucks many other uses

  • Get Odorawaynow completely FREE when you order one of our Rataway Fragrance bundles. See offers at our store.

Single bottle of Odorawaynow - $25
Makes 32 oz. when mixed with distilled water.
Double order includes two 1 oz bottles of Odorawaynow - $39
Makes up to 64 oz. when mixed with distilled water.
Get Odorawaynow FREE when you purchase a Rataway Fragrance Bundle!

Tips and Uses

From a long-time Rataway repeat customer in Seligman, AZ who purchased 2 Rataway Fragrance products, and received a bottle of Odorawaynow for FREE:

"First really big test of Odorawaynow. Dogs got skunked this a.m. I didn't even have to bathe them. Brushed them out with Odorawaynow and they smell great! Really amazing and less work and their coats shine. Thanks!!!!!!"

Mist the room with Odorawaynow! For smokers mist clothes and room to take away smoke smell... (Cigar)

Always...store in a cool dark space

  • Odorawaynow is not sold in stores.

  • Odorawaynow is a unique biocatalyst containing a complex mixture of natural nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. It contains no fragrances, alcohols, or solvents.

  • Odorawaynow is designed to eliminate industrial odors and corrosion problems without the need for hazardous chemicals or masking agent.

  • Odorawaynow eradicates odor-causing compounds by disallowing the formation of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptan and skatole.

  • Odorawaynow is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and very safe to use.

  • Odorawaynow is effective for both organic and inorganic odors. The solution contains no bacteria, is biologically degradable and non-toxic for humans, animals, fish and plants.

  • Odorawaynow produces no fumes or irritating vapors are released from the product which is non-flammable and non-corrosive to metals, concrete and plastics....to use indoors or outdoors.

Odorawaynow is available in a 1 oz bottle that makes 32 oz, or a bundle with two 1 oz bottles that makes up 64 oz of product.....including a pipette to fill 2 mini sprayers, for your purse or pocket...to carry by plane, auto, to your home away from home.

Keep a spray bottle of Odorawaynow in the bathroom. For smokers: mist clothes and room to take away smoke smell.

Spray Odorawaynow on just about anything!

Spray in the toilet before you go poo-poo (After you go POO, Spray in the toilet and mist the room with Odorawaynow!)

But NEVER spray on food or in the face of a pet!

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Spray for Skunk problems! If dogs get skunked ... spray and wipe with Odorawaynow!

MIST the room with Odorawaynow! SPRAY MUSTY DAMP ROOMS!

Spray inside cars and trucks!

Endless uses:

Cat spray, dog pee, cat pee, man pee in bathroom, puppy pee, cat box, trash containers under kitchen sink, trash compactor, musty odors, inside cars, trucks, grain trucks, combines, shop tables, tackle box, fish ice chests, hiking shoes, camping tents, boats, suitcases, gym shoes, gym bag, golf bag, car that hit a skunk, nesting odors, pet cages, diaper pail, bathroom floors, kitchen floors, dog bed, puppy poop, sneakers, work clothes, cowboy hats, bedding, motor homes, stinkin bill cap, hiking clothes, camping boxes, inside cupboards, furnace, ac coils, duct work, rodent smells, computer room, equipment room, fishing lures, fishing poles, hunting jackets, fish camps, bar sinks, BBQ, car trunk, cat bed, storage sheds, camping supplies, surfing wet suits, hiking clothes, school bags, backpacks, diver wet suits & gloves, winter gloves inside & outside, snow suits,inside hiking boots, camping ice chest, food storage boxes, coveralls,inside work boots, lab floors, coveralls, ski clothes, ski boots, fly fishing waders, kayaks, rubber boats, air mattress, pillow case, bedding, house slippers, sweat pants, when the dog and skunk tangle up, (for car, trucks, big trucks, tractors, combines, grain trucks, turn on ac, open fresh intake to cab air ac, spray inside fresh air duct to stop musty odor in ac system, run for a few minutes, then let it set until the next day, repeat for 4 days!

► Spray Odorawaynow for "Air Biscuits", Stinky Dogs, Skunk Problems, and more ...
► Keep a spray bottle in the bathroom
► Spray musty damp rooms

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