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John C

Legit.. This was at least for me a stress situation. Some four leggit beast selected out of all my cars (7) to keet hitting my 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser no lie one day I fixed the wires moved it came back in no lie an hour and a half and the little mfker ate the same wires again. I fixed them moved it around again sprayed any smelly body spray my girlfriend had over everything after I went full Furiosa send with the 0 degree pressure washer tip in every crack I could possibly find. I’m willing to bet my neighbors thought I went ultra mega tweaker 5.0. At one point I just said to heck with it and popped the hood and left it up for a week. Rain whatever, i seriously as stupid as this sounds. I didn’t know what to do. I’m googling like it’s my full time job, Home Depot, Lowe’s, the tractor supply store. Talking to pest control businesses. Everyone has the magic cure, baits, disco balls, sound devices motion lights. Can you imagine the neighbors when tweaker 5.0 is having motion activated strobe type lights? A big concern of mine was the fact that I have a Dalmatian and that gimp will eat anything and fast so I knew out the gate poison was not going to be an option. It was pretty stress full, I really just couldn’t grasp how something so stupid was just proving to be so hard to solve. The question of wth was this animal only targeting one of my vehicles. I started digging in that and it’s kind of hard to confirm but makes sense that is some of the Asian auto manufacturers used soy in wire insulation. Well bingo. Somehow with I feel like a bit of luck (the seo could use some improvements) I found this product. Soon as I received open. Read the instructions as i purchased both the regular spray and the other stuff to make it water resistant. Like any normal person I was a little reserved I mean everyone claims their stuff the best but more times that we would like it to happen, these products fail to perform. But again four times that mfker eating up the wires causing a no start and dtc codes for brake booster. I sprayed that stuff on that entire engine compartment and under body like I was putting out a wild fire. Went probably overboard but at this point I was really fingers cross next level desperate. And no sht nothing happened again. I checked every day micro inspecting for any sign of nibble marks. And absolutely zero. I will say I can attest to the “non harmful” claim as the night I sprayed it was slight breeze later that night the occasional lick of the lips would bring a sharp reminder of the situation as I would taste the spray on my lips. I’m assuming some blew back on me. Taste like bung so I see why they don’t like it. In closing however. I can 100% say this product works, follow instructions and application and you will see for your self. Skip the other stuff and for fks sake no ultra sonic sound jank or flashing lights. This solution is very affordable and works well. I wasn’t paid or compensated to write any of this. I purchased this product at the prices shown on website. This is just my honest experience with an extremely frustrating situation. Few examples of the damage included as well.

Jeannine Hardin

So so Happy to have found Rataway!! I live in an apartment complex and we have a rat problem! They got into my car engine and started doing damage.I contacted Rick he answered all my questions he is so knowledgeable!! Since my purchase of Rataway and using it, No more rats to my engine!! Thank you Rick and Rataway!! Will always buy Rataway!! It truly works!! Thank you!!

Gail Taylor-Smith

Rataway really works! I have dogs who sometimes eat rats. Not in favor of poison to kill rats. Thank you for all of the great information and wonderful, easy to use product. My car is parked in the driveway. Started using this on my 2016 Auto after I had about $700 damage to wiring. Now using on my 2019 Auto. Typically one month interval has been sufficient. However, car was in the shop and restarted with Rataway in December. Missed the beginning of January spraying and opened the hood to find that there were signs of a rat! Snail shells! There were none for over 6 years while using Rataway! Wonderful product! Highly recommend it! Works when sprayed regularly!

Evad Greb

It works. No more nesting in my car ordered package #2. It came with extra complementary products. The paperwork explained how to prepare the products for treatment. I ended up with multiple product to rotate treatment. Customer support is excellent.

Beth Ashley-Gilbert

So far so good. Been using this product since early January (4+ months now) and no further rodent problems under my hood. Very pleased, since I had 2 rodent incidents resulting in re-wiring in a period of 6 weeks in November and December.

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If you are an NYC car owner, beware of the rats. Here are some tips.

Gothamist News Podcast
By Ramsey Khalifeh
Published Feb 9, 2024

There are many smells that rats hate, such as sesame and peppermint. Spraying those scents on your car engine could help prevent an infestation, Mahmud and Gomez said.

But Letizia vouched for another product: Rataway.

“I don't know the formula. It's probably as secret as Coca Cola," Letizia said.

Letizia said he uses the product in the four or five cars that come to his shop in a typical week with rat troubles. The concentrate has a faint peppermint smell and can be sprayed all over a car engine.

“People have used cedar chips, they have used peppermint spray, and I've even had people use Irish spring [soap]. They grate it like a cheese grater, and that sometimes works. But the Rataway, without sounding like I'm pushing a product, is the best,” Letizia said.


Barbara Novak

Google Reviews: December 2022

After having our car rewired after parking the weekend at a theme park in Orlando, i researched and found Rataway. Have used it with the waterproof additive ever since. Aksi on our AC lines outside our home and our rooftop satellite dish after we found the squirrels had chewed the plastic coverings. Soy is used in plastics now and the rodents can smell it. We spray our car and the plastics outside.

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