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I ordered Rataway fragrance bundle from Rick and received products super fast. Customer service from Rick is unparalleled. Simply follow his instructions and you’ll be on your way to deterring pests. The product is a deterrent and is safe to use. I have been using it over a week and have deterred squirrels from car engine and rabbits from under shed. You need to re-apply often. The bundle I received will last several months and I’ll be sure to re-order when I run out. Thanks Rick!

Barbara Brown

After a routine oil change, mechanic told me that rodents had started chewing on electrical wires and plastic items under the hood. He also told me how much it would be to replace the electrical harness if it continued. Then I found papers in the glove box had been shredded. Hadn't realized that there was an opening between the engine and the back of the glove box. Found Rataway online and ordered it. It was promptly delivered. Made the solution. Once I started spraying it, the problem stopped. No more rodents invading my vehicle.

Michael Stein

I spray Rataway in my car engine weekly. I can't know for sure, but it seems to work at keeping the NYC rats from chewing up my wiring. It definitely provides me with more peace of mind knowing that I'm doing whatever I can to protect my car. Rick is great to work with. He always gets back to me when I have questions, and will talk any issues through in detail. He understands and appreciates loyal customers, and often sends extra items along when I order more.

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Barbara Novak

Google Reviews: December 2022

After having our car rewired after parking the weekend at a theme park in Orlando, i researched and found Rataway. Have used it with the waterproof additive ever since. Aksi on our AC lines outside our home and our rooftop satellite dish after we found the squirrels had chewed the plastic coverings. Soy is used in plastics now and the rodents can smell it. We spray our car and the plastics outside.

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