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When mixed and used as directed these products are safe and effective for repelling rodents and other animals and they are non-toxic – safe to use around pets, children and people. However, because they are designed to be repulsive they should never be used on food or on the face of pets or people.

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In the first 30 days of the order date, the customer will pay the return postage and there is an $18.00 restocking fee. 

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Barbara Novak

Google Reviews: December 2022

After having our car rewired after parking the weekend at a theme park in Orlando, i researched and found Rataway. Have used it with the waterproof additive ever since. Aksi on our AC lines outside our home and our rooftop satellite dish after we found the squirrels had chewed the plastic coverings. Soy is used in plastics now and the rodents can smell it. We spray our car and the plastics outside.

RV satellite antenna mount
satellite antenna connector