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Say Goodbye to Rats

Say Goodbye to Rats Spraying Rataway Fragrance!

Spraying Rataway Fragrance has saved customers an estimated 20 million dollars in restorative costs by deterring rodents from entering their spaces. Rataway Fragrance is a non-poisonous, non-toxic deterrant designed to make areas inhospitable for rats and other pests.
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The BEST Rat Deterrent on the Market

Developed in 1999,  Spraying Rataway Fragrance has saved customers over 20 million dollars in damage. It was invented to prevent damage to heating and air conditioning equipment. It has been proven to be a very effective deterrent to protect from rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, deer and other various small rodents that cause damage  Spraying Rataway Fragrance, is used to protect car and truck engines, wiring, farm machinery, duct work, electrical lines, Electric Cars, cables, insulation, PEX waterlines, furnaces, AC Equipment has many uses... Spraying Rataway Fragrance, is safe around children, pets, and service personnel. Sold World Wide SINCE 1999

Spraying....Rataway Fragrance deters Rodents in Cars,Trucks, Motor Homes, Farm Equipment....The list is long!
Mice and Rats Damage Freezer and Refrigerator Compressor Areas

Mice and Rats Damage Freezer and Refrigerator Compressor Areas

Spray Rataway Fragrance to Deter Mice and Rats. Prevent damage to Freezer and Refrigerator Compressor Areas Mice and rats are sometimes found using freezer and refrigerator compressor areas for harborage and water (from condensation on cold coils). Mice are often found in the insulated walls of large coolers. Look closely at the corners and edges […]

Rataway Helps Deter Rodent Activity in Commercial Buildings

Rataway Helps Deter Rodent Activity in Commercial Buildings

Spraying Rataway Fragrance Deters Rodent Activity in Commercial Buildings Overhead or underground pipes, conveyor belts, and augers commonly found in farm buildings and factories are often used as entry points and routes between buildings. Such equipment, particularly if abandoned, may provide harborage as well as food. Rodent-proofing these areas is not easy if the equipment […]

Rataway Fragrance Protects Stored Food

Rataway Fragrance Protects Stored Food

Rataway Fragance protects dried fruit, nuts, cereals, baking mixes, dry pet food, cartons, etc… Rodent infested goods in food warehouses commonly include cereals, flour, baking mixes, waxed carton drinks, dry pet foods, dried fruits and nuts, fresh produce, paper goods, charcoal briquettes, and damaged goods. Products in these categories should be kept in open, easily […]

Rataway Fragrance Protects Commercial Buildings

Rataway Fragrance Protects Commercial Buildings

Rataway Fragrance protects commercial office buildings, hotels, hospitals, and retail stores from nesting rodents. Commercial buildings are constructed from many types of materials (such as, metal, concrete, and/or wood) using different design methods. These vary greatly in the degree of susceptibility to rodent, rat, and squirrel infestation. Most structures eventually become less rodent-proof due to […]

Rataway Fragrance Removes Rodent Odors in Cars, Trucks, Motor Homes

Rataway Fragrance Removes Rodent Odors in Cars, Trucks, Motor Homes

Spraying Rataway Fragrance deters rodent damage to:

How to Remove Rodents Nesting in Attic Equipment

How to Remove Rodents Nesting in Attic Equipment

Spraying Rataway Fragrance In Attics, Deters Rodent Damage In Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment, Duct Work, Wiring, PEX Water Lines Spraying Rataway Fragrance Deters rats, mice, raccoons, and squirrels from  nesting in the duct work, furnace, and air conditioning equipment found in attics. If rodents are able to reach the attic, they may travel from […]

Mouse in the fireplace

Get Rid of Fireplace Odors

Spray Rataway Fragrance Deters Entry Point and Nesting Area Another source of entry to residences and a source of harborage for rats and mice are fireplaces, especially the newer pre-constructed, zero-clearance, sheet metal units that eliminate the need for concrete mortar and brick. A hollow space is left in the siding and the fireplace support […]

Rodent odors

Spray Rataway Fragrance to Remove Rodent Odors

Spray Rataway fragrance from to stop Rodent Odors on your light cords, computer cords, appliance cords, charging cords for cell phones, CD players, water sprinkler control wiring, etc… Be sure to turn off all power at the source before spraying electrical equipment or wiring. Dogs, cats, cockatiels, African Grays, and parrots love to be mischievous […]

Large Openings Give Rodents Access

Keep Rodents Out of Buildings and Apartments
Large Openings Give Rodents Access

Spraying Rataway Fragrance Deters Rodents Damage in Buildings and Apartments Check for large openings of all kinds that give rodents access points and travel routes. Seal up access entry points with Stainless Steel Pot Scrubbers and Spray Rataway Fragrance in the Stainless Steel Pot Scrubber including: Other large openings that permit the entry of squirrels, mice, […]

car coved with tarp

Incredible Edible Car

Will your brand new car be disabled overnight by a rodent? The occurrence is far more common than you may realize. Since 1999, Rataway has saved customers over 20 million in damage and we ship all over the world with lots of repeat business. Spray Rataway Fragrance often and save wiring in Cars, Trucks, Farm […]

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Why Use

Rodents and other animals mark territory with their scent. Other animals are known to be attracted by those scents. Rataway Fragrance is the most effective product to get rid of these scents and annoying rodents. No lingering scent, no more attraction, no more damage.


• Rats chew on objects for an average of 30 minutes per day.
• Rats have poor vision but an acute sense of smell and hearing. They can smell rat hormones up to 10 miles away.
• 25% of all attic fires are caused by rodents.

What to Do?

Rataway Fragrance concentrate makes 1 gallon (128 oz) of mixed product, enough product to spray your car engine 50 times @ 2oz. per treatment! Shop our product above and Get Rataway, Rightaway.™

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Saved Customers Over $20,000,000 in damage

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If you are an NYC car owner, beware of the rats. Here are some tips.

Gothamist News Podcast
By Ramsey Khalifeh
Published Feb 9, 2024

There are many smells that rats hate, such as sesame and peppermint. Spraying those scents on your car engine could help prevent an infestation, Mahmud and Gomez said.

But Letizia vouched for another product: Rataway.

“I don't know the formula. It's probably as secret as Coca Cola," Letizia said.

Letizia said he uses the product in the four or five cars that come to his shop in a typical week with rat troubles. The concentrate has a faint peppermint smell and can be sprayed all over a car engine.

“People have used cedar chips, they have used peppermint spray, and I've even had people use Irish spring [soap]. They grate it like a cheese grater, and that sometimes works. But the Rataway, without sounding like I'm pushing a product, is the best,” Letizia said.


Barbara Novak

Google Reviews: December 2022

After having our car rewired after parking the weekend at a theme park in Orlando, i researched and found Rataway. Have used it with the waterproof additive ever since. Aksi on our AC lines outside our home and our rooftop satellite dish after we found the squirrels had chewed the plastic coverings. Soy is used in plastics now and the rodents can smell it. We spray our car and the plastics outside.

RV satellite antenna mount
satellite antenna connector