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Young soy plant, germinating from soy seeds

Why do rodents eat automotive wires?

Understanding why rodents gnaw on wires, and other components, is important in finding ways to prevent it. Contrary to the common belief, they actually do not eat wiring for food. [...]
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Checking wires in car

Why are vehicles being eaten NOW?

The quest for being “Green” correctness started also in 1990’s. OEM’s started by replacing the durable components that really did not need to last as long as they did, with [...]
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Classic Car Gasoline Engine spray with Rataway

Why were vehicles not eaten before?

Simply because “before” automotive OEMs went on being “green” binge, almost everything in the car was made from metal, glass and plastic which was made 100% from petroleum. None of those [...]
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From A Repeat Customer In Florida

“Two years ago, Aug. 2018, my 2015 Mini Cooper was totaled due to a rat chewing the biofilm-made harness wires. Damage was estimated @ more than $18K. I was incredibly, [...]
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